Tim The Toolman, LLC
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Tim Igo
Tractor repair, with 30 years of experience!
Servicing your engines, transmissions, and hydraulic systems!


Sep. 15, 2002
Filed "Tim The Toolman, LLC" with the state of Washington.
Sep. 20, 2002
Washington State files "Tim The Toolman, LLC".
Oct. 4, 2002
Tim gave notice at his current job!   "Tim The Toolman, LLC" is going to open for business!
Oct. 11, 2002
Purchased a new business Cell phone (509) 398-0257
Oct. 14, 2002
Tim worked his last day and started his own Company!  "Tim The Toolman, LLC" is open for business!
Oct. 26, 2002
Tim and Marilyn are flying to Arizona to pick up a Service Truck
Oct. 29, 2002
Tim and Marilyn are home with the new service truck!  Both a little road weary, but excited!

Tim The Toolman, LLC
(509) 754-5722
12912 Road H N.W.
Cell (Office)
(509) 760-6337
Ephrata, WA 98823
Cell (Tim)
(509) 398-0257
Tim's Business Card